Raymond Bernard - Founder

Raymond Bernard (May 19th, 1923-Jan. 10th, 2006) was formerly an international leader of the Rosicrucians, serving as Grand Master of French-speaking members of AMORC throughout the world, and having received the responsibility from Jeanne Guesdon.

He was the author of numerous books, to include “A Secret Meeting in Rome”, “Letters from Nowhere”, “Strange Encounters”, “The Secret Houses of the Rose Croix”, “Messages of the Celestial Sanctum”, “La Cathedrale Cosmique”, “Enseignements des Maitres de la Connaissance”, and many other writings.

He was initiated into the Order of the Temple during the years of 1955 and 1956, and was given the ultimate responsibility to eventually serve as Grand Master and to establish the new name of the “Ordre Souverain du Temple Initiatique” for the Templar Order.

He created Templar Research Institute as the pre-study body for the OSTI.

In his capacity as a spiritual leader, he also served in leadership positions within the movements of multiple Martinist lineages and within Freemasonry.

He was known for working with leaders of other esoteric movements like the Tawheed Muwahidun Druze- even being mentioned by the Druze Grand Master Kamal Joumblatt, in his writings for his tradition.

Raymond Bernard was known for his thousands of lectures and initiations he conferred around the world. Raymond Bernard’s book A Secret Meeting in Rome is a partially historical and partially allegorical account of his initiation into Templarism.