Paul Preston

Paul Preston was initiated as Grand Commander by the S.A.I.G.E Nov, 19, 2016.

Paul was raised on a 209 acre Dairy Farm and graduated high school in 1959 with a class of 35 students. He attended Kent State where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry.

Paul worked professionally as a Chemical Engineer within the USA and abroad spending 4 years in New Delhi, India. He currently resides in Akron, Ohio where he has been since 1977. Paul has been married to his wife Pat for over 50 years and they have 3 children and 6 grandchildren.


Initiated into OSTI by Raymond Bernard in France, 1990,

Initiated as Deputy Grand Commander by Onslow H Wilson, GC.

All of Humanity is but one. Our source is The Divine Architect. We are invisibly connected to one another. Whenever we are helpful to another we benefit the entire family. Our most valuable assets are multiplied when shared with others in The One Human Family.”