An Introduction to the Knights Templar

Beloved Seeker:

A fortunate circumstance has led you to the threshold of a Great Work. You now stand in the outer courtyard of The Order of the Knights Templar.

In this regard, this information is designed to share our perspective on the spiritual quest, our history, our mission, our methods – all in the hope that you are one of those rare individuals who has heard the Call and would delight in joining in our labors.

“Great is the harvest”, it has been said, “but few indeed are the laborers”.

Our Perspective on the Spiritual Quest


Templar Spirituality can be a daunting undertaking. It requires that those who are accepted into our ranks must strive to live an inner monastic life of disciplined compassion while, at the same time, laboring amongst the multitude in the outer world of daily affairs, for this is the essence of Spiritual Chivalry.

Spiritual Chivalry requires supreme mental and emotional discipline plus the willingness to sacrifice all in the name of God and to the benefit of humanity. For a Templar is one who is pledged to finding the way to the perfect blending of the spiritual and material aspects of life, and is willing to do his or her utmost to protect those striving to attain a state of enlightened inner tranquility.

A Templar is one who lives in this world and yet, is not of it! Few indeed are they who labor at defending themselves against the bandits and brigands of false belief, of personal bias, of greed, envy, and fear, all of which menace and maim those on the way to that Holy Inner Place where dwells sublime spiritual awareness.

If you are one who is numbered among this rare but willing few, if you are pledged to undertaking the daunting task of seeking and finding your way to the Holy Land of Inner Peace and liberation from all attachments, if you are pledged to the ideals of Spiritual Chivalry, then we bid you listen!

Wisdom and virtue are strengthened by fraternity. They that are received into our Order must dedicate their lives to the service of others. They must strive never to permit ought to pass their lips save the strictest truth. They must exercise justice and equality in their dealings with all people. They must endeavor to conduct their lives from the source of all life, therefore having no need for wasteful passions, expressing benevolence and compassion to all. They must pledge to obey the laws of the land in which they are privileged to be citizens. They must endeavor neither to abuse nor misuse power. They must prepare their minds such that they become impervious to falsehood and greed, and they must examine everything minutely and conscientiously and then seek to focus only on accentuating the positive elements without ignoring the negative. They must choose only that which is useful and good in life and use that for the good of themselves and others, learning to think before they react to the world. Finally, aspirants accepted into our Order must dedicate themselves to serving God above all else!

In this regard, Templar Spirituality rests upon four simple but fundamental principles:

  1. The power and teaching we seek and need to sustain us on our pilgrimage to the Holy Land of Inner Peace and Tranquility are already alive and vibrant within us;
  2. Spirituality is simply the expression of such virtues as understanding, tolerance, charity, forgiveness, kindness, altruism, and love in our every thought word, and deed, without compromise;
  3. As essentially spiritual beings our only responsibility Individually – is to seek and find the best way possible for us, as individuals, to express the ideals of love, understanding, tolerance etc. in our daily thought, word, and deed – without compromise and without regard to race, religion, political persuasion, gender or social status;
  4. That which separates us from the power and teaching of our own essential spiritual nature and, therefore, interferes with the daily expression of our innate spirituality, is……our own personal psychology.

As a consequence, from a Templar point of view, the spiritual quest is simply a matter of bringing our personal psychology into proper alignment and harmony with the spiritual laws of the Universe.

Our History

The fact that your path has led you to this fortunate circumstance in your quest suggests that perhaps you already know something of the history of our Order. Many books recount story of the Nine Knights who banded together in Jerusalem after the First Crusade and become the nucleus of one of the most powerful institutions of the Middle Ages.

But there is a more private history that might be of interest to you. So far as most historians are concerned, it all began on Tuesday, November 28, 1095 A.D when Pope Urban II had a clever idea. Instead of Christian Knights fighting each other and being a general nuisance to everybody, why not have them join forces and work off their aggressions on capturing Jerusalem, the Christian City par excellence (which at that time was being administered quite nicely by the Muslims)? Christendom would reclaim its spiritual birth place and Europe would become a safer place to live.

With great gusto, Urban painted a picture to the assembled multitudes of atrocities and indignities being perpetrated daily on the Christians who lived in the Holy Land. “Take the road to the Holy Sepulchre”, he cried “and tear the land from the hands of these abominable people!” Hardly had he finished than the crowd rose as one person and shouted “God wills it! God wills it! God wills it!” Thus was born the First Crusade.

Meanwhile, behind the scenes and unknown to history, other minds had already been working on the problem, and sought to divert the inevitable disaster that was going to befall the Crusades. Certain representatives from the Christian and Islamic traditions got together and reasoned somewhat as follows. The two dominating passions (or “notes”) of the age were fighting and religion, but they had not been properly integrated. Nor could these trends be stopped, but they could be directed towards more useful consciousness development.

Fighting in Europe (less so in Asia Minor) was done largely for sport and land. Religion, on the other hand, was too other worldly – it led to withdrawal from the legitimate needs and functions of society. Therefore, the high representatives of an Order of Brothers from the Orient drew up a plan to integrate the two passions so that humanity would be raised one step higher on the ladder of spiritual evolution.

Fighters would learn to temper their passions and drives according to what to them were spiritual goals, while religious persons would learn how to translate spiritual ideals into hard political realities. I’m sure the high representatives understood something of the explosive nature of the passions involved. It couldn’t have been an easy decision. But they also knew that in order to keep the consciousness evolution of humanity on track they had to go forward with the plan. Along these lines, it was also hoped that by working together they could divert the potential bloodshed that was inevitably going to be spilled by those who wanted to fight for the sake of material possession.

Notice how this information throws new light on some of the historical events which followed. The First Crusade and those subsequent to it may be thought of as a purposeful merging of the religious and fighting instincts of the age. They provoked an analogous response in the Islamic world where there were similar needs. But while the Crusades and the Muslim response gave the integration of sword and spirit a strong popular base, such mass movements were unavoidably crude and fanatical, as well as temporary.

A new organization was needed that would carry out the integration on a much higher level, an organization whose members would at one and the same time pray as monks and fight as knights – protecting the sacred, regardless of the religious source. Such an idea was totally unheard of at the time. It sounds no less odd today. Nonetheless, whatever one may think of it, that was the founding idea of the Order of the Temple as laid down by the High Council and established by the Order of Brothers of the Orient

Templar Tomb in Istanbul
(Formerly Constantinople)

The Order was secretly established in 1096 in Constantinople, in preparation for an official public announcement in 1118 A.D. The Order was established under the leadership of a French Knight named Hughes de Payens, (whose grandfather Thibault de Payens le Maure de Gardille, was a Moorish Shiite Muslim, and some say a Sufi). The Order was immediately recognized by King Baudouin (Baldwin) II of Jerusalem and given quarters in a building near the Dome of the Rock, on the supposed site of the Temple of Solomon, whence came the appellation Poor Knights of the Temple of Solomon or Templars.

The historical record likewise shows that the Islamic hierarchy of neither Makkah nor Cairo made any military or verbal move to prevent the Templars from taking charge of the Dome of the Rock, which was regarded as the second most holy site in Islam. In fact, Islamic records of the eleventh century on from these territories referred to the Knights Templar as “the Templar Knights of Islam”, and the Order, likewise possessed a Fatwa from a Muslim leader in Seville confirming that it would be safe to allow the Templars to take charge of the Dome of the Rock.

Hughes de Payens

In 1128, Hughes de Payens travelled back to Europe and there enlisted the support of Bernard de Clairvaux, the most influential European Cleric of his day, to draft a Rule to be eventually approved by the Pope. Propelled by Bernard’s formidable energies, and his secret desire to unite the doctrines and teachings of the various branches of the Primordial Tradition, the Order became a sensation in Europe.

While publicly being viewed as a Christian security force, it privately worked to collect, understand, and unite spiritual doctrines from outside Europe. Within a century, the Order held Commanderies and extensive land holdings throughout the then known world. The Order’s interior discipline, its fierceness on the battle field in defense of pilgrims of all faiths, its piety, as well as its immense wealth and virtual independence from both Church and State (all guaranteed by the Rule), made it an object of veneration and awe, but also of envy and distrust. Of the latter, we would reap the bitter fruits years later.

The Holy Land was lost by the Christians (much to the relief of the Islamic inhabitants) in 1291. No one in Europe was especially interested in taking it back. The Order successfully fulfilled its secret mission of integrating the teachings of the three major religions (Muslim, Jewish, and Christian), as well as having amassed and studied the spiritual doctrines of other more obscure traditions.

However having lost its public raison d’etre, the Templars – after having introduced Europe to the Qabbalah of the Jews, Alchemy of the Muslims, and Gnosticism of the Eastern Christians and Druze, and modern banking practices from their extensive business and trading exposure to eastern merchants – became vulnerable to the machinations of their enemies.

In 1307, King Philip the Fair of France, being unable to repay his debt to the Templars and having been refused entry into their ranks, ordered the simultaneous arrest of every Templar in France and confiscated what he believed to be the Order’s holdings. He compiled a list of damning confessions (extracted under torture) for the Pope (whom he had conspired to have elected to the position) and compelled the Pope – Clement V – to declare an official Bull disbanding our Order.

Grand Master Jacques De Molay Served 04/20/1292 to 03/18/1314
Grand Master Jacques De Molay Served 04/20/1292 to 03/18/1314

So far as the outer world was concerned, the Order ceased to exist when the last public Grand Master, Jacques de Molay, whom we hold dear in memory, perished in the flames of the Inquisition on a tiny island in the middle of the Seine river in Paris across from Notre Dame Cathedral.

But we do here state that Jacques de Molay was not the last Grand Master of our Order. Nor did the Order cease to exist with his death. In one form or another, through a series of different lineages, it exists to this day. Neither is it proper to say that the outer form of the Order was destroyed; better to say that it was closed by its leaders, its outer mission temporarily ended.

What was the Mission of The Order?

Old Templar Abraxas Seal
Old Templar Abraxas Seal

On the surface, it was to secure the Holy Land against the Saracens and to protect pilgrims on their way from the West. Taking into account the political and logistical difficulties of the mission, the Templars may be said to have performed superbly. But there was also the higher mission of integration mentioned earlier. 

The Templars were to integrate the religious and militant instincts of the age, and to unite the esoteric and spiritual doctrines of the primary religious movements. They were to also secretly research and explore the sciences and spiritual doctrines which had largely been suppressed and were unknown in Europe. 

Through negotiations, ambassadorial work, archeology, and other means they were to secure sacred texts and artifacts that could help propel Europe out of the dark ages in the short run, and help lead to a global spiritual renaissance in the long run. They were to demonstrate that chivalry (the new synthesis dramatized by the Grail Legends) actually works and that it can be applied on a large scale over long periods of time. 

This brings us to Our Mission as Modern Templars as envisioned by Raymond Bernard when he founded OSTI® in 1988.

Our Collective Mission

Animated by the same compassion which compelled the Nine Original Templars to dedicate themselves to the Divine and ”to protecting the pilgrims on their way to the Holy Land”, Templar Research Institute is an outer Templar vehicle for the expression of Spiritual Chivalry in today’s world. 

As a Circle of Seekers and Doers, Templar Research Institute is open to all sincere aspirants, without regard to language, ethnic origins, religion, gender, or political persuasion, who are dedicated to the ideals of World Peace and the reduction of Human Suffering through effective integration of the spiritual and scientific technologies.

Our Order is committed to living the commandment: Love ye one another! and, is dedicated to the ideals of Chivalry, World Peace, and the reduction of Human Suffering through the integration of the spiritual and scientific technologies. 

Carrying forward the process of integration initiated by our forbearers, Templar Research Institute has a mission to contribute to the spiritual evolution of humanity by effecting a viable integration of the two dominant forces in the world today, namely the spiritual and scientific sentiments of the Soul. 

In this regard, it is interesting to note, however, that although it presents itself as a movement of spirituality and initiation, Templar Research Institute teaches neither doctrine nor dogma but, instead, presents techniques whereby each member may awaken to the Teachings which already reside within him or her, and come to know personal Mastery. In this, Templar Research Institute spares no effort in contributing to the Personal Integration of each member, and it works to support the esoteric community as a whole. 

Therefore, an aspect which is truly original with Templar Research Institute is that its members are enabled to participate directly and individually in the common work of human consciousness evolution, but always in perfect harmony with their personal knowledge and aptitudes. 

In short, the personal experience of each member is brought to bear directly upon the Mission of Templar Research Institute

Raymond Bernard (May 19th, 1923-Jan. 10th, 2006)

The OSTI® is the spiritual heart and governing body of Templar Research Institute and was founded on February 19, 1988 in Paris, France, under the leadership of one of the foremost esotericists and mystics in the Western World today, Raymond Bernard, former Grand Master of the French Rosicrucians, and he became our Templar Sovereign Grand Master. The Templar Research Institute is the outer vehicle of our branch of Templar activity. In the mid 1950’s Grand Master Bernard was received in to that branch of The Order of the Temple which traces its lineage directly back to Jacques de Molay via Jean-Marc Larmenius, who received his mandate directly from Jacques de Molay while the latter had been imprisoned by Philip the Fair. 

Some ten years after his reception into The Order in Italy, Grand Master Bernard was assigned the difficult task of inaugurating a new phase of public Templar activity in preparation for the events foreseen to unfold during the next century. 

Templar Research Institute is the result of his efforts to create an outer Order expression of the Templar work whose utility is to tackle the challenges of the modern world. As such, the Templar Research Institute motto is “spiritualizing the material and materializing the spiritual.” 

Without waxing too apocalyptic, can anyone today doubt that the world and our planet are in crisis? One has only to piece together the various trends – biological, economic, social, spiritual- to arrive at a somewhat forbidding prognosis of the future. We are in trouble, and at one level or another everybody knows it. 

Do not suppose it is the mission of the Templars somehow to avert this crisis. Such is not and has never been the spiritual mission of any spiritual movement, and people must always learn from their own mistakes! Instead, with other spiritual movements which also have missions to contribute in ways consistent with their own nature, Templar Research Institute and the Templars, are required to prepare the way for those who are willing to qualify themselves to meet the crisis – any crisis! – with equanimity and inner poise centered in the knowledge of their inherent spiritual nature. 

In Biblical terms, we are to help in the establishment of “the New Jerusalem” which, rather than being a political and social system, is a state of being which, in time, will engender a more equitable, humane, and chivalrous social order.

Our Individual Mission

Thus, because any value which contributes to the common good, the Summum Bonum, is actually a spiritual value, virtues such as Peace, Tolerance, Understanding, Forgiveness, Altruism, and Charity, all constitute spiritual values.

Of course, the greatest of all spiritual values is LOVE – unconditional LOVE! Within Templar Research Institute, therefore, the Spiritual Quest for each of us consists in seeking the most effective means whereby spiritual values may be expressed in daily life without compromise.

As a consequence, each member of Templar Research Institute is required to find his or her own personal path toward this inner state which, indeed, is a State of Grace. However, because each of us has his or her own set of experiences and/or challenges to work through, the Path to this State of Grace cannot be identical for all of us – we must each find our way after our own fashion.

Templar Research Institute is committed to assisting each of its members in finding his or her own path. It is for this reason that we only present a set of tools and ideas whereby each member may be enabled to align his or her psychology with the source of his or her being.

Now, the fact that we each have our own path does not mean we all do a good job, on our own, of finding and following it. Most of us get side tracked at various points along the way and either go wandering around on other people’s paths or just sit down and don’t do much of anything.

But because “wisdom and virtue are strengthened by fraternity“, within Templar Research Institute you find yourself surrounded by a rich and perceptive circle of friends who do whatever they can to help you realize your talents and surmount your difficulties.

This circle of friends becomes a circle of colleagues, companions, family, who will walk with you to the bitter end and value your life as if it were their own. In time, you yourself become the steadfast friend to others. And so we all support each other, and before long the goal of spiritual wholeness is achieved.

This Quest, individual and collective, has a name in our Tradition, and you already know it.

We call it the Quest for the Holy Grail

Our Methods

The Ordre Souverain du Temple Initiatique (the OSTI®) is the spiritual heart of Templar Research Institute. It is here that the inner work of the organization is conducted and it is here that the member pledges him or herself to labor ceaselessly in the name of God and to the benefit of humanity, and to commit their life to working as a Templar.

Nevertheless, out of respect for individual difference and individual choice, members of Templar Research Institute may either remain in secret labor within the OSTI® or they may go out into the world to serve. Choice notwithstanding, more often than not, members choose to go forth and serve in their local and/or remote community.

Traditionally, all members of The Order were Templars although not all Templars were Initiates. Therefore, we fully recognize that there are certain occasions on which the candidate for membership may feel that he or she is not quite ready to undergo the rigors associated with intense inner work of the OSTI®.

As a consequence, as is traditional and out of respect for the wishes of such candidates, in applying for membership in Templar Research Institute, each candidate is expected to study and work in the Templar Research Institute curriculum prior to being considered to be made a Chevalier of the OSTI® Templar Lineage. That being said, it should be stressed that all members of Templar Research Institute are considered working Templars, whether or not they have been received into the OSTI®. And since each new member is assigned a mentor whose responsibility is to assist him or her in finding a viable orientation in his or her new spiritual environment, subsequent questions regarding eventual consideration for the OSTI® can always be accommodated.

The International Headquarters for the OSTI® is currently located in the United States of America, in part due to the dedication and commitment of Dr. Onslow Wilson (who was an internationally known researcher and esotericist in his own right). We are now well established and will be expanding Grand Commanderies in other countries and languages. These Commanderies will remain operationally autonomous but under the auspices of the Maison Chevetaine Internationale (MCI) (International Headquarters) in the United States. Within each Grand Commandery is a network of Commanderies and Preceptories where members meet regularly to draw up their plans and to discharge their spiritual and ritualistic duties. The whole assemblage is coordinated, guided and ordered by a Templar Rule, a copy of which each Chevalier receives upon being received into the OSTI®. Within the simple guidelines of the Rule, each Preceptory or Commandery (also called a House) has ample latitude to elect its own Officers and to define its own agenda.

Members work as volunteers. No one is forced to do anything that he or she does not wish to do. Nevertheless, the work inevitably entails a significant commitment of time, energy, and (to a certain extent) money – for dues, special projects, and occasional travel. The work also requires a rough-and-ready willingness to meet the needs of the moment, sharply distinguishing it from more passive forms of membership in other esoteric organizations. Our members are cheerful, uncomplaining, alert to the needs of the day, and are not afraid to express themselves and be leaders in the esoteric community. In fact, they are heartily encouraged to do so – but with Chivalry!

In homage to the injunction, “wisdom and virtue are strengthened by fraternity”, our members are expected to participate regularly in the work of The Order. Local membership is organized into groupings known as Preceptories, consisting of a minimum of three (3) and a maximum of nineteen (19) members, and Commanderies consisting of nineteen (19) or more members. It is within the ritualistic work of the Preceptory or the Commandery that the traditional teachings of the Templars are presented. Therefore, because the Oral Tradition is strictly respected, regular attendance at group functions is strongly encouraged.

Templars who, for whatever reason, have not yet been received into the OSTI®, must also participate regularly in the work of their local Preceptory or Commandery through the regular and consistent performance of the Home Ritual of Work and Worship, as well as by regularly attending the General Research Council meetings which are held on the same day on which the ritualistic inner work of the Preceptory or Commandery takes place.

During these Council Meetings members present their own personal researches, either in discussion or in open debate. These presentations are made in an orderly, disciplined, but kindly manner, hence no member needs be fearful of expressing his or her point of view since chivalry, in the most sublime sense of the word, is the modus operandi of Templar Research activity.

The International Headquarters also will hold regular gatherings near the equinoxes and solstices for the purpose of presentations led by researchers from both in the Order itself, and special guest speakers from other spiritual traditions we work with, and for the purposes of temple activity and initiations.

It should be noted, however, that because of the vastness of human interest, it is impossible to delimit and define in precise terms the arena of Templar Research Institute research activities or even those of its members. Nevertheless, it is important to bear in mind that a member of Templar Research Institute is, above all, a builder. Therefore, all suggestions, all aptitudes, and all talents are important in bringing the services of Templar Research Institute to the world.

The Ourobourus has many definitions, Self Reflection, the ALL in the ALL, Eternity, the “Great Work”.

The purpose of Templar Research is to facilitate each member’s journey on his or her chosen path; it is to assist each of us in our personal quest for Enlightenment. This should not, in any way, be taken to mean that our individual discoveries will not be helpful to other aspirants on their chosen path.

Quite to the contrary, the whole idea behind sharing and expressing, in a practical way, what we have discovered through personal effort is to assist others. Nevertheless, the simple fact is that one cannot truly assist others until one has succeeded in assisting oneself. In other words, one cannot hope to change the world until one has changed oneself! As Lao Tzu said, “if you want to change the world for the better, then quietly go to work on yourself.” Therefore, research, from our point of view, is the Path to Wholeness, for indeed, Enlightenment – or Gnosis, comes only to those of disciplined minds and chivalrous hearts.

Clearly, because of differences in life experiences, because of differences in educational backgrounds, because of differences in interests, and because of differences in understanding, there will necessarily be differences in the nature and intellectual profundity among individual research efforts. For the self same reasons, it can be stated with equal
emphasis that there will also be great differences in the emotional profundity among individual research efforts.

This natural variation becomes quite understandable when we realize that those who pursue intellectual matters do so for purposes of their own evolution at this time, just as those who pursue the more feeling and emotional disciplines are equally obliged to do so by virtue of their evolutionary needs. Therefore, what is of utmost importance in any research effort, regardless of the arena in which this may occur, is the inner transmutation that the individual’s research interests and efforts will effect in the consciousness of that particular individual. Consequently, a Templar has no need to defend, nor to apologize for his or her interests in life.

In explaining our methods, we believe that a few words are in order regarding the use of Ritual which can be quite extensive in our Order. In today’s world, the word “ritual” has acquired a bit of a sour taste, and many good people shy away from it on that account. The reason, we suppose, is that when most people are exposed to ritual it is done badly and without spirit and by people whose motives are not “quite right”. 

We are led to think that ritual is what one does when one lacks the creativity to do something better. But permit me to ask you, is a Shakespeare play or a musical concert something one performs from lack of creativity? Is a marriage ceremony – that most serious exchange of solemn vows – something one does out of mere habit? Is a church ritual – be it Protestant, Catholic, or otherwise – some form of weird rite? For the thinking person the answer would be a resounding No! 

Well, the same can be said of a Templar ritual! A ritual – any ritual – is a play or drama designed to transmit meaning not easily transmissible by mere words, and whose action has ceased to be make-believe. It lights up in the emotional nature the full import of the moment and, when properly performed, transcends the limitations of words and the intellect. Ritual accords significance where significance is due! 

Personal Preparation

The Tree of Alchemy of Raymond Lull

Preparation for the Great Work of Templar Research Institute takes place during the first three years of active Templar Research Institute membership. During this period the member is presented with study materials and fraternal assistance designed to facilitate self-enfoldment and the discovery of his or her personal mission within the larger mission of Templar Research Institute

During the first year of membership, Templars observe a traditional Period of Silence. While in this Period of Silence the new Templar Research Institute member may participate fully in General Council Meetings, but during temple meetings must restrict his/her questions to him/herself by recording them and any inner responses s/he may receive in his/her Templar Journal. During this period of Silence, however, the new Templar may discuss openly with his or her Mentor, who will be a Templar in the OSTI®. 

During each of the three years of preparation each member receives eleven Cahiers (Handbooks) for a total of 33 over a period of 33 months. See Curriculum. These are designed to assist the student in coming to an understanding and recognition of those unconscious factors which impede mastery of the Soul and its attributes. At the end of the third year the member may be invited into the OSTI®, or may remain as a member within Templar Research Institute, depending on their own individual effort.

Avenues of Service

Our Order has many avenues of service – far more than can be listed here. We research the cultural and spiritual traditions of the world’s peoples, which has been the secret Templar mission all along. 

We put on public seminars, workshops and conferences dealing with pertinent issues of the day, such as improving the education of our children. We promote nonviolence on the streets and in schools. We work as ambassadors in the world, meeting with political and religious leaders to promote understanding and peace. We publish papers and books on esoteric and scientific subjects. We work to support other spiritual and esoteric
traditions that our members are leaders of. Our members help the aged and infirm. They design new technologies. They do medical research and work with the chemically dependent. They do mathematical work in the field of psychometrics. They do economic analyses. Many of our members likewise serve in the military or law enforcement, and seek to utilize skills to create a more peaceful world. To co-ordinate our researches, and expose them to the public, we offer courses. We also have more private self paced courses and classes by knowledgeable members on various subjects within an internet web forum that connects brother and sister Templars around the world.

We also have more subtle forms of service. Members are sometimes called upon to develop and exercise their “psychic faculties”. With these we learn to heal ourselves and others, to disseminate useful thought-forms into the collective unconscious of humanity, and to receive them from others. We learn to raise and rekindle the energies of our work places. 

We learn to locate the unknown workers who are the hidden backbone of our world~ and make their jobs easier by lightening their load. We learn to work as Agents of Omneity, helping to educate people on living in a balanced world order, in harmony with nature, and promoting the highest potential of human consciousness. Naturally, this type of work is done with the utmost discretion.

Where Do You Fit In This Picture?

We hope that we have given you enough information to make an informed decision about whether or not you should petition to join our ranks and become a Templar. After all, that is precisely what this exercise has been all about! Certainly you understand now that Templar Research Institute is not, and cannot be, for everyone. You now know something of our perspective on the spiritual quest, our history, our mission, our methods of operation. In your heart, are you a Templar? Are you among the rare few who have heard the Call? If in your heart you feel eager to proceed with an application for membership into our Order, then we invite you to complete the Membership Application Form and initiate the process today!

And thus, O Seeker, having discharged my responsibility, we leave you with a prayer.
Non nobis, Domine, non nobis, sed nomini Tuo da Gloriam