David Sahyoun

David Sahyoun was born March 21, 1959 on the Ivory Coast (West Africa). His spiritual path began in 1981 when he joined AMORC. In 1985, in Togo (Benin), he had his first encounter with Raymond Bernard. Due to a deep connection with Raymond Bernard, David joined CIRCES on February 19, 1988 and was initiated by Raymond Bernard into the OSTI in Paris in June of 1989.

David moved to the USA in 1994 following a heart call and became a member of CIRCES/TRI. He continued his spiritual studies through the handbooks and the teachings Dr. Onslow Wilson Ph.D. From 2004 to 2016 he served on the board of CIRCES/TRI during which time he was installed as deputy GC by Dr. Onslow H. Wilson for the French speaking countries. From 2016 to July 2019 David served as President of the board of CIRCES/TRI.

The uniqueness of the handbooks is in the way they are put together. They are organized and synchronized to re-open the paths between the conscious and unconscious states and thus allowing the Light of the subconscious to reach the consciousness which ultimately will bridge the gap between the mind and the Heart. The handbooks are life changing tools and psychologically prepare the seeker for a world mirroring one’s reality and one Self, created and morphed by one’s experiences and belief systems.

David has a Bachelor’s degree in Business and a Master’s degree in Social Work. For over a decade he has worked as a social worker and in 2017 he was guided to take a new path of teaching. He now lives with his wife and daughter and teaches elementary school in Socorro, NM while he continues his esoteric and mystical studies through research and service.

David is a lecturer, energy and sound healer and author of three books; “In The Beginning, I AM”, “The Rainbow Flute Technique”, and “Divine Light, Now, Yesterday and Tomorrow”. He is presently working on a fourth book bringing into light the teaching he has been receiving since 1996 through symbols and dreams.