Why Templar Research Institute Members do Research.

The symbol chosen to represent the Templar approach to research is the Tetrahedron – The tetrahedron is the most fundamental geometric building block and the first of the Platonic Solids and the structure that Nature uses to manifest life as we know it on this planet.


“The period of greatest gain in knowledge and experience is the most difficult period in one’s life.” —Dalai Lama

As you know, the Tetrahedron is a four-sided solid consisting of four equilateral triangles. It is extremely symmetrical and represents the ideal relationship between the four alchemical elements or the four fundamental aspects of Nature and of every human being.

In fact, we have assigned an alchemical element to each of the four sides of the Tetrahedron such that the base represents the element Earth, while the other sides represent the elements Fire, Water and Air.

Later on in your work in the organization you will discover that the Tetrahedron also represents the relationship among God, Nature, Man, and the manifested world. For the moment, however, it is important to realize that the goal of Human Evolution is to reflect, individually and collectively, the creative symmetry represented by the Tetrahedron. The path toward this goal of ” Creative Symmetry” is the acquisition of knowledge and wisdom. Membership in Templar Research Institute addresses the how and the why of this acquisition.

Templar Research Institute recognizes that the greatness demonstrated by men and women of the past and present is attributable to their dedication to research. Sadly, however, today, as in the past, there are any grave misunderstandings on the part of the general public insofar as research is concerned. This is due primarily to the fact that the Scientific Method, the most effective tool of liberation from ignorance ever devised by the human mind, is applied almost exclusively to the material aspects of life. Such a limited application of this “tool” has led to the necessary development of many elaborate and expensive “scientific” instruments which are, beyond the reach of the average individual. Consequently, when the average person hears the term “research” s/he automatically and unconsciously assumes that the only form of research possible is that which is represented in the popular media. In doing so, s/he excludes him/ herself from the research process and assumes that only “scientists” are researchers. For Templar Research Institute this is a false view of both science and research.

From the Templar point of view, science is an ancient esoteric approach to life revealed to the mundane world of Dark Age Europe by such notables as Roger and Francis Bacon, and practiced with consummate skill by such other notables as Newton, Galileo, DaVinci, and Einstein. When scrupulously applied to every aspect of our lives the Scientific Method liberates us from that darkness which hides all darkness – ignorance of ourselves. From the Templar point of view, anyone having an interest, a question, or a desire to know, and anyone who sets about finding an answer, or ways of indulging an interest, or satisfying a desire, such a one is a researcher in the truest sense of the word. Furthermore, your interest, your question, your desire represents a particular polarization of your psychic energies at this time and is a sign that an aspect of the Inner Self is seeking expression or manifestation in your outer consciousness, the equivalent of the element Earth in the Tetrahedron. It is only when the Divine Consciousness within us is free to manifest directly that we truly reflect the symmetry symbolized by the Tetrahedron. The Templar Research Institute approach to research is, therefore, not a mere intellectualization of information, it is truly integrative and, as a consequence, fundamentally alchemical.