The Templar Ethic

Spiritual aspiration of Templar Research Institute is reflected in a moral code of extreme rigor which each member must endeavor to apply in daily life. This moral code, which can be found in different form in numerous other philosophical and traditional nowadays been those of chivalry but venerents, reiterates the great virtues which have always been those of chivalry but adapted to the real world.

"Let Us Be Enriched By Our Mutual Differences"

The work of the Templar is carried out in a spirit of openness and respect for others. Understanding, fraternity, and solidarity are foremost among the manifestations of the personality necessary for a permanent and constructive exchange between peoples. Animated by the same compassion which compelled the Nine Original Templars to dedicate themselves to the Divine and ”to protecting the pilgrims on their way to the Holy Land”, Templar Research Institute is a Templar vehicle for the expression of Spiritual Chivalry in today’s world. As an International Circle of Seekers and Doers, Templar Research Institute is open to all sincere aspiring initiates, without regard to language, ethnic origins, religion, gender, or political persuasion. Though we largely accept initiates from other spiritual traditions and esoteric Orders, we are also open to considering sincere spiritual aspirants who have not received prior initiation in a formal esoteric Order or school, but who have demonstrated that they are spiritual workers in the world.

Our Order is committed to living the commandment: Love ye one another! and, is dedicated to the ideals of Chivalry, World Peace, and the reduction of Human Suffering through the integration of the spiritual and scientific technologies. Carrying forward the process of integration initiated by our forbearers, Templar Research Institute has a mission to contribute to the spiritual evolution of humanity by effecting a viable integration of the two dominant forces in the world today, namely the spiritual and scientific sentiments of the Soul. In this regard, it is interesting to note, however, that although it presents itself as a movement of spirituality and initiation, Templar Research Institute teaches neither doctrine nor dogma but, instead, presents techniques whereby each member may awaken to the Teachings which already reside within him or her, and come to know personal Mastery. In this, Templar Research Institute spares no effort in contributing to the Personal Integration of each member, and it works to support the esoteric community as a whole. Therefore, an aspect which is truly original with Templar Research Institute is that its members are enabled to participate directly and individually in the common work of human consciousness evolution, but always in perfect harmony with their personal knowledge and aptitudes. In short, the personal experience of each member is brought to bear directly upon the Mission of Templar Research Institute.

The OSTI®, the vehicle of our branch of Templar activity, was founded on February 19, 1988 in Paris, France, under the leadership of one of the foremost esotericists and mystics in the Western World today, Raymond Bernard, former Grand Master of the French Rosicrucians, and he became our Templar Sovereign Grand Master. In the mid 1950’s Grand Master Bernard was received in to that branch of The Order of the Temple which traces its lineage directly back to Jacques de Molay via Jean-Marc Larmenius, who received his mandate directly from Jacques de Molay while the latter had been imprisoned by Philip the Fair. Some ten years after his reception into The Order in Italy, Grand Master Bernard was assigned the difficult task of inaugurating a new phase of public Templar activity in preparation for the events foreseen to unfold during the next century. Templar Research Institute is the result of his efforts to create an Order expression of the Templar work whose utility is to tackle the challenges of the modern world. As such, the Templar Research Institutes motto is “spiritualizing the material and materializing the spiritual.”

Thus, because any value which contributes to the common good, the Summum Bonum, is actually a spiritual value, virtues such as Peace, Tolerance, Understanding, Forgiveness, Altruism, and Charity, all constitute spiritual values. Of course, the greatest of all spiritual values is LOVE – unconditional LOVE! Within Templar Research Institute, therefore, the Spiritual Quest for each of us consists in seeking the most effective means whereby spiritual values may be expressed in daily life without compromise. As a consequence, each member of Templar Research Institute is required to find his or her own personal path toward this inner state which, indeed, is a State of Grace.

However, because each of us has his or her own set of experiences and/or challenges to work through, the Path to this State of Grace cannot be identical for all of us – we must each find our way after our own fashion. Templar Research Institute is committed to assisting each of its members in finding his or her own path. It is for this reason that we only present a set of tools and ideas whereby each member may be enabled to align his or her psychology with the source of his or her being. Now, the fact that we each have our own path does not mean we all do a good job, on our own, of finding and following it. Most of us get side tracked at various points along the way and either go wandering around on other people’s paths or just sit down and don’t do much of anything. But because “wisdom and virtue are strengthened by fraternity”, within Templar Research Institute you find yourself surrounded by a rich and perceptive circle of friends who do whatever they can to help you realize your talents and surmount your difficulties. This circle of friends becomes a circle of colleagues, companions, family, who will walk with you to the bitter end and value your life as if it were their own. In time, you yourself become the steadfast friend to others. And so we all support each other, and before long the goal of spiritual wholeness is achieved. This Quest, individual and collective, has a name in our Tradition, and you already know it. We call it the Quest for the Holy Grail…

Preparation for the Great Work of the Templars takes place during the first three years of active Templar Research Institute membership. During this period the member is presented with study materials and fraternal assistance designed to facilitate self-enfoldment and the discovery of his or her personal mission within the larger mission of Templar Research Institute. During the first year of membership, Templars observe a traditional Period of Silence. While in this Period of Silence the new Templar Research Institute member may participate fully in General Council Meetings, but during temple meetings must restrict his/her questions to him/herself by recording them and any inner responses s/he may receive in his/her Templar Journal. During each of the three years of preparation each member receives eleven Cahiers (Handbooks) for a total of 33 over a period of 33 months. These are designed to assist the student in coming to an understanding and recognition of those unconscious factors which impede mastery of the Soul and its attributes.