Our Mission

Conduct rigorous and unbiased research into the World’s Cultural and Spiritual Traditions of the world’s peoples, as was done by the original Templars, with focus on the common roots of these Traditions.

Make the knowledge and wisdom thereby gained available to our members in a guided system of study and practice, with supporting tools, resources, and fraternal assistance in the Templar tradition, that can help support their personal transformations, spiritual journeys, and navigation through the Dark Night of the Soul – with particular focus on recognizing the unconscious factors that impede mastery of the Soul and its attributes.

Contribute to the spiritual evolution of humanity by effecting a viable integration of the two dominant forces in the world today, namely the spiritual and scientific sentiments of the Soul, in service to humanity through the Templar tradition of materializing the spiritual and spiritualizing the material.



The collective consciousness of humanity is on the cusp of awakening. Each day more are becoming aware that our present day world is in crisis on many levels. The Templar Research Institute provides truth and spiritual seekers with the tools and knowledge necessary to assist in your journey to inner transformation.

Only through individual perfection of our own inherent spiritual nature will greater harmony and understanding between all humans be attained. It is about Spiritual Chivalry.

The Magic Of Self Transformation

According to the Dictionary of Mysticism, Edited by Frank Gaynor (1953) the word “Magic” is derived from the word “Magi”, which itself means “The Wise Ones”. In this regard, “Magic” is defined as “the mastery of occult forces and their use in order to produce visible effects. White magic is the use of magic powers for beneficent purposes; black magic is the use of supernormal powers in nefarious practices, for a selfish or evil end”.

Ancient Wisdom, Modern Application

The first item of our Templar Moral Code suggests: “Love that which is good; ignore that which is bad.” This simple statement calls upon the discerning individual to examine his relationship with duality, a fundamental principle operating in the universe. Its existence cannot be eliminated so it must be to our advantage to learn how to reconcile our relationship with it.

The Templar Ethic

Our Order is committed to living the commandment: Love ye one another! and, is dedicated to the ideals of Chivalry, World Peace, and the reduction of Human Suffering through the integration of the spiritual and scientific technologies. Carrying forward the process of integration initiated by our forbearers, Templar Research Institute has a mission to contribute to the spiritual evolution of humanity by effecting a viable integration of the two dominant forces in the world today, namely the spiritual and scientific sentiments of the Soul.


Preparation for the Great Work of the Templars takes place during the first three years of active Templar Research Institute membership.

During this period the member is presented with study materials and fraternal assistance designed to facilitate self-enfoldment and the discovery of his or her personal mission within the larger mission of the Templars.

Membership Application

Benefits of Membership in Templar Research Institute.

Proven, Time Tested Guidance Towards Development of Self Knowledge

Opportunity to Associate Fraternally with Others of Like Mind.

Development of Personal Inner Peace, Calmness and Imperturbability

We are pledged to assisting our members in awakening to the Saint and the Sage, asleep within us all!

About Us

Templar Research Institute is an organization of inclusion – not exclusion. We do not hold to distinctions based on gender, ethnicity, religion or political persuasion.